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Lion's share

Lion’s Share is now a rapidly growing Ethereum Smart Contract Matrix program.

This is a peer to peer platform, built using Ethereum smart contract technology, working on the blockchain.

This platform is self operating, which means it can never be hacked, or changed.

Lion’s share is a worldwide opportunity

You just need a Trust wallet, Token pocket, Coinbase or a Metamask wallet to be installed on your Mobile device, Laptop or Desktop Computer.

The system is designed for those that are team builders and also to help those who are not so good at recruiting others, by a system of Spillover / Overflow.

Ethereum Blockchain Technology Have Created a Business with 100% Transparency by Using Smart Contract Technology!

The Lion’s Share Smart Contract is Public and Can Be Viewed By Anyone Directly on the Blockchain!
Most Importantly it Can Never Be Changed!


Lion’s share has two programmes L1 and L2
As soon as you register you are on level 1 in L1 and L2 program

The L1 program let’s you earn from your downlines and it’s based on referrals…

The L2 program let’s you earn from your upline, downlines and even people that are not under you in any way.
It’s in this L2 program that spillovers and over flow came from😁

What is spillover?

1.Spillovers works in such a way you earn from people around you in the system any person be it the person is in kano, USA, Russia, asia or wherever on this planet earth same as overflows also
Spillover come from anywhere so no one can’t say the actual amount you will see on spillover
one can receive at least 2 spillover daily😂
This is what we call blood money

2 Overflow
This is when your upline earn to the extent that his / her basket get filled, all other earnings will start coming to you with or without referrals
When he/she keeps earning small and his basket on Lion’s share is already filled up.
The rest fall on his downline
No matter if you are working or not , referring or not referring, you just keep getting it
This is why we say “Lion’s share is the gift that keeps giving”

The upline can’t stop it as it is already programed

Facts about lion share

💵-You’re paid directly to your account

💵-You are paid automatically and immediately you earn

💵-You don’t need to request withdrawal, because before you know that You’ve even earned, you’ve been paid

💵- lion share website can’t shutdown, because it is built under blockchain

💵-Even the founders of lion share cant change the rule

💵- lion share is a lifetime contract

💵-In lion share the levels can never expire

💵-Joining lion share requires a one time buying of 0.065ethereum
But they are deducting 0.04.
💵-In lion share you can turn 0.07 ethereum to 700 ethereum with time, teamwork and hard work

💵- lion share is not a get rich quick scheme

💵-In lion share you get rich gradually and consistently

💵-In lion share You earn when you refer

💵-In lion share you earn when you upgrade

💵-In lion share you earn when you don’t refer anyone

💵-In lion share you earn when your downliners refer

💵-In lion share you earn when your downliners upgrade

💵-In lion share when 1person joins, 2people Earns

💵 -in lion share, 2 people is very good, 3 or more, you’re a wealthy person

💵-The earlier you join lion share, the bigger your chances

💶💶 Lion share is legit👊👊👊

Imagine being on a smart contract and earning at least 0.05 eth daily😁
Do the calculations and see how much you’ll make in a week.

Make the right move now, get your own Lion’s share🦁✅
Join the right team where you don’t have to worry about getting referrals because our team will cover that for you.

Lions share
You don’t have to doubt this team because we, the admins are very active. Spillovers flow in our downlines wallet every time

Here are some frequently asked questions about Lions Share –

Please feel free to refer this page to other potential or existing members.

Please tell me more about Lions Share?

Lion’s Share is a Smart Contract platform that functions on the Ethereum blockchain. It is available in most countries. Some people call it a decentralized crowdfunding platform. This is basically quite a simple program really, a peer to peer payment plan based on a matrix system that ensures that 100% of all payments are paid and received directly and instantly by all the Lions Share members.

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Does Lion’s Share have an owner?

No. There were a team of creators who set up the Lion’s Share Smart Contract to begin with, but now this is done, it cannot be changed. There is no owner or Admin. Lion’s Share is run by all its members. The look and functionality of the website may be changed from time to time, but the core back end workings of the Smart contract can never alter in any way. This is a feature of Smart Contracts and ensures total confidence that a stated service will be delivered as per the terms laid out.

So what exactly is a Smart Contract?

A “smart contract” is just a piece of code, that in the case of Lions Share, runs on the Ethereum blockchain. This particular Smart Contracts ensures that our ETH is pad and received instantly and securely as laid down by the terms of the contract. Smart Contracts cannot deviate or be changed in any way by anybody.

How will my commissions be paid?

All payments in and out of Lion’s Share are in ETH. These are paid instantly to all members wallets as they are earned. This is strictly peer to peer, which means that all payments are member to member and it is important to note that the actual Lion’s Share smart contract itself never receives any payments.

Can other Cryptocurrency be used, such as Bitcoin etc?

No, the Lions Share Smart Contract is set up on the Ethereum Blockchain and can therefore only use Ethereum currency, the ETH.

How do I upgrade L1 and L2 packages and when can this be done?

You can upgrade your L1 and L2 levels at any suitable time for you, whenever you have the funds. You will need to log in to your back office, select your package and follow the prompts from your chosen wallet.

Do I earn commissions from the L1 and L2 levels / packages that I own?

Yes, you can earn commissions from a package or level that you have purchased. There is never any requirement to upgrade, but please note that the platform is programmed to automatically pay any generated commission to your upline, if you have not activated the required level when the commission is generated.

Are their any earnings guarantees?

There are never any guarantees of earnings with Lions Share or any other business, especially without any effort. Just like any legitimate business. Lions Share will always require a certain amount of effort to earn.

Do I have to refer others into Lion’s Share to earn?

Please see above – re Are their any earnings guarantees.

What is the best way to refer new members to Lion’s Share?

Most people will just spend an hour a day on So When you become a paid member you will receive your affiliate link located in your back office. You will share this link with others to refer them to your business.

What is the risk of joining Lion’s Share?

The total risk need only ever be your start up cost of 0.055 to 0.065 ETH. Lion’s Share itself is risk free from closure, as it is a fully automated system that cannot be changed or deleted and is on the blockchain. Blockchain technology is a massive subject and can be easily explored using Google and other search engines.

Will I always retain my referrals in Lion’s Share?

The Lion’s Share matrix plan is structured to ensure that you will never lose any of the members that you personally refer, but this can be possible on a temporary basis. For example, f you are have not purchased a particular level and your referral does purchase that level, then you will pass up any generated commission to your upline. However, if and when you decide to purchase that said level, you will then get your referral back, after the cycle completes. This same principle applies for all levels.

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Can you further explain the internal L1 and L2 programs?

L1 is the part of the platform that pays you based on your own direct member referrals. In general, you will earn on the first two positions and the position number three is paid upwards and enables you to start the cycle again. Note that this part of the program has nothing to do with spillover.

L2 pays you on your entire team effort and can give spillover from other members that can land in your business and pay you accordingly, depending what level you have purchased. Payments on the first two slots of each level will go to your upline. You will then receive the payments for slot 3, 4 and 5. Slot 6 is paid upwards to your sponsor and will enable the cycle to start all over again.

What do I need, to register and get started?

You will need to download and install a wallet to store your earned ETH. Either a Meta Mask wallet if you will use a Laptop for working with the Lions Share platform or a Trust Wallet if you will use a mobile phone or a tablet to work the Lion’s Share. In keeping with the principles of Cryptocurrency, you do not need to provide any personal details in order to obtain these wallets and they are free of charge to obtain.

You then need to fund your Wallet with ETH. You will need 0.04 ETH to join Lion’s Share, plus the network transaction fee, aka Gas fee. Allowing for the variable fee, most people are able to get started with around 0.055 to 0.065 ETH in their wallet. You may not need to ever put in any more funds than this from now onwards, depending on how you build your business.

Can you further explain what you mean by decentralized?

In simple terms, this means that the system is not run or owned by any one person. Like the blockchain itself, Lions share is a huge network of Digital devices operating within a set of laid down unbreakable rules.

Can my Lion’s Share account ever be closed?

No. There is nobody that can shut your account down, even if you never use your account. In fact it will be there for as long as the Internet and Blockchain technology exists.

What is spillover?

Spillover can occur on the L2 packages in Lion’s Share. This is when you have members show up in your matrix that you did not personally refer,giving you additional income. This can come from people above you or below you, and can help you cycle.

Do I have to own both the L1 and L2 packages?

Yes. This entire business is based on members progressing through the various L1 and L2 levels to grow their funds. The minimum is just to own level one of L1 and L2 when you join. You can then decide if and when to purchase more levels as you progress over the coming weeks and months. It is important to note that you only ever need to do any upgrade from your earnings, once you have paid the initial 0.04 ETH joining fee. This means that you have the potential to create a huge business from just a 10 USD investment

Are there limits to earnings?

There are no limits set with this program. You decide. Your earnings potential will largely be decided on how many people that you refer into this business and how much you can help each of these to do the same as you have done.

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Make money online

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Make money online

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