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INTERVIEW: How Internet has impacted the Comedy Industry – Comedian, Woli 3310

Meet Adeniyi Oluwadamilare popularly known as Woli 3310, he kicked off his comedy career from the ancient city of Ibadan, Southwest Nigeria.
In an Interview with him, He shares with our readers more details about him and his brand. We hope you enjoy this exclusive interview.


COLE MEDIA: We all know you as Woli 3310, could you formally introduce yourself?
WOLI 3310: Well, I’m Adeniyi Oluwadamilare Daniel by “naming ceremony”.
COLE MEDIA: Tell us about your educational life.
WOLI 3310: I had my primary education at New Ife-Olu Unique School, Omi-Adio, Ibadan. Then, I proceeded to Government College, Ibadan for my JSS1-3 classes, before “relocating” to Wesley College of Science (Elekuro, Ibadan) where SSS1-3 classes were eagerly waiting for my innocent arrival.
By God’s grace, I had just one spoon of JAMB and one sip of Post-JAMB, which gave me strength to travel all the way to the prestigious Federal University of Technology Akure, where I “read” Statistics. 😉
COLE MEDIA: You are a comedian, what first got you into comedy?
WOLI 3310: My birth. On a lighter note, I was told I cracked my first joke the very first day I was born. 😃
To be frank, I’ve been this funny, jovial, humorous, “unserious” boy who draws out comic water from the wells of serious issues. I’d always see a comic angle to every matter. That’s my configuration.
COLE MEDIA: What inspired you to start comedy?
WOLI 3310: I could remember a number of people telling me back then in 2013 to venture into comedy professionally, but I just found myself dodging their arrows of suggestion, because I knew within myself then that I wasn’t prepared enough for such feat. Standup comedy (or comedy as a whole) is a world on its own, a different art entirely. It goes beyond being funny amidst your friends or during your local masquerade festival. So I had to take my time gathering materials, until I felt an inner push to have my first performance in 2015.
COLE MEDIA: The name Woli 3310 is quite popular, could you tell us how you got that name?
WOLI 3310: Ghen ghen, how do I slim-fit the story now? 😊
Okay! I was in a drama group then in 2012 or 2013 thereabout. I started a “comic prophet’s stage performance” with a friend then in the same drama group. Along the line, we brought in another friend of ours, so we were 3, then we saw a need to have specific names. They chose the names they’d like to have; but I wouldn’t just want to pick any “Woli Curfew” kinda name, so I told them I’d get back to them the following day. On my way home that very day, “3310” just dropped into my mind, and I embraced it.
COLE MEDIA: What do you like most about being a comedian?
WOLI 3310: Making people laugh. That kain feeling no be here, seriously.
COLE MEDIA: What you don’t like about being a comedian?
WOLI 3310: People sometimes don’t take my words serious. They don’t believe me even at crucial points, and that thing really touches the heart. 😩
COLE MEDIA: Are you single or mingling? 😁
WOLI 3310: Gbam! Well, I’m yet to become an album. Let’s leave it that way.
Next? 😃
COLE MEDIA: How do you feel the internet has impacted the comedy industry?
WOLI 3310: Social media platforms have widely helped publicity and storage of intellectual properties. You want to hear the joke Bovi cracked in 2010? It’s right there on Youtube. That’s it!
COLE MEDIA: Is there any event you’ve done in the past or you are planning to do?
WOLI 3310: Yes, I did 3 editions each in 2016, 2017 and 2018 – COMEDY KRUSADE (2016, 2017), LAUGHTER COUNTDOWN (2019).
Also, I’m planning to do more in subsequent times, God helping me.
COLE MEDIA: What’s next for you Woli 3310?
WOLI 3310: God is my producer. He is the One in charge of whatever carries the tag “Woli 3310”. I don’t know how I got to this stage, He handles everything. So I don’t know what exactly He has in mind to bring up for me, but I can boldly say it’s definitely going to be something massive.
COLE MEDIA: Have you ever stolen anyone’s joke?
WOLI 3310: Lol. Yes, but it stopped a very long time ago. I started with a “mad man’s” jokes in 2015, before I had a rethink to stop the “theft” and start creating my own.
COLE MEDIA: How do you come up with materials for your joke?
WOLI 3310: God gives me – that’s the truth. This is not a “let me be spiritual” stunt, it’s the simple truth. Yes, there’s intellectual strength and wits, but God helps in fixing them at the right places to produce unique contents. So it’s God that helps me.
COLE MEDIA: Some people do not take comedians seriously because of the nature of their job, does that ever happen to you?
WOLI 3310: Yes o, a number of times. Some people have even “written us off” that we can’t get married early because most women can’t cope with comedians. I wonder who launched that missile of impression. 😃
COLE MEDIA: Any word of advice to others that look up to you?
WOLI 3310: Yes. Know God. Depend on Him. Be yourself. Don’t envy/copy others. That’s all.
COLE MEDIA: It’s really cool having an awesome time with you. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to have interview you. We look forward to more of you in the industry. 🤝
WOLI 3310: The pleasure is mine. Stay blessed. 🙌🏽

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Celebrity Corner

I feel fulfilled whenever I make people laugh – An Interview with Boda Giggle




Odejinmi Moyinoluwa popularly known as Boda Giggle is a fast-rising comedian who has made name for himself with his unique style of comedy. He shares with our readers more details about him and his brand in an interview. We hope you enjoy this exclusive interview.

Interview with Boda Giggle

Cole Media: The name Boda Giggle is quite popular, could you formally introduce yourself?
Giggle: I’m Odejinmi Moyinoluwa Emmanuel.
That’s my name.
Cole Media: Tell us about your educational life.
Giggle: Okay. I attended Mictoria Nursery and Primary School, Idi-Odo, Challenge, Ibadan for my Primary education.
I proceeded to Adem Model Secondary School where I schooled from JSS1- JSS3.
I, then gushed about being in a science only school and that led me to writing Oladipo Alayande School of Science entrance examination and I was given admission.
Yeah! I spent the rest of my secondary education there.
Then, JAMB the humbler came.
Jamb wasn’t really the humbler as I always passed JAMB.
The issue is I always failed Post UTME.
After graduating in 2014, I got admission into The Polytechnic, Ibadan in 2015, where I had my National Diploma, and graduated in 2017.
I waited another year before I wrote Funaab’s Post UTME too, and got admission in 2018.
So, I’m currently a 200L Funaabite studying Microbiology.
I could go on and on, as I love talking about my educational life, but let me call this long story a summary. 😂
Cole Media: You are a comedian within the Nigeria entertainment industry, where did your love for the industry begin?
Giggle: Okay.
Growing up as a kid, my mom used to watch comedy.
“Stand Up Nigeria” produced by Bunmi Davies.
She would call us to come and watch, and we’ll sit down in front of the TV, watch with her and laugh as much as we could.
I told her that I would love to climb the stage one day, because I found out I had this funny aura.
You would be with me, and I’d keep making you laugh.
I did it effortlessly.
I later waved off being a stand up comedian
But, I joined the drama group in my secondary school.
One of my acts, coupled with my intelligence earned me the nickname “Professor”, as I acted as a Professor in that drama.
I also joined drama group in Alayande and I once performed in front of the assembly.
My performance was full of humor there too.
Then when I graduated from secondary school, One of my brothers, Adebayo Anuoluwapo Stephen took me to visit a friend and because I made them laugh throughout that day, she told me to try joining the comedy industry.
So, there, I started working on my materials.
Cole Media: Your love for comedy is evident, who would you say are your all-time favourite Nigerian comedians?
Giggle: Kenny Blaq.
I love music, when it’s laced with humor.
It gives me a whole vibe.
I like Bovi too. He’s the man on fire.
There’s one underrated comedian in Ibadan here, Woli 3310.
I sooo love him, and his originality. ❤️
I love a whole lot of them, but those are my top 3.

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Cole Media: What do you like most about being a comedian?
Giggle: I feel fulfilled whenever I make people laugh.
I feel that joy inside me.
I like when I feel that joy.
That’s it. ❤️
Cole Media: Is there anything you don’t like about being a comedian?
Giggle: Yes. One thing.
If I dey toast babes, they see my lines as comedy.
Ladies rarely believe me when I say I like them and want to date them, they be like “Guy, you’re funny” and I’ll be like “😳”.
Cole Media: You make other people happy, who/what makes you happy?
Giggle: What makes me happy is seeing other people happy and remembering that I have to make someone happy.
Even as a comedian, depression nor dey respect me.
But, I dey bounce back. ✌️
Cole Media: We know comedians are ladies man. Describe your ideal woman.
Giggle: Have sense. It’s number one.
Have a good sense of humor. Number two.
Don’t take jokes personal. Number three.
I might be kissing a girl now when she walks in and she feels I’m serious but I’m just joking. 😂
Baba, na joke oh. I can’t do such. 😂😂
I’ll be candid. I like big bress and big ass, but I’ve fallen in love with countless ladies without that. Personality attracts me too.
I’m a tad sapiosexual too.
Cole Media: Are you single or mingling?
Giggle: Ah! It’s complicated. 😂💔
I’m single but in a relationship. 😂
Cole Media: It’s complicated indeed. 😂 What is next for Boda Giggle?
What do you hope to achieve in the next couple of years?

Giggle: I personally do not know, but I’m working very hard.
I write funny contents and I get paid little from it.
On the stage too, I do well, so I hope I’ll be the next big thing.
God knows more.
Sometimes, industry nor dey favour the talented but we’ll keep moving on and doing our best. ❤️
Cole Media: If there is anything you could change about yourself, what would it be?
Giggle: I would have said being beardless years ago, but I’ve now come to embrace my beardlessness.
So, nothing, really.
We go just change the ‘Broke’ aspect of our life.
Cole Media: Is there any event you’ve done in the past or you are planning to do?
Giggle: I’ve not done any, I’ve only spear headed an Ibadan City Facebook Hangout, and it wasn’t a comedy related show.
I’m planning, but planning requires money, and we’re hustling.
We’re hoping.
I’m not working towards having the money though.
I’m working towards expanding my horizon.
Meeting people that would actually help me.
Cole Media: Where did you got the name Giggle from?
Giggle: Oh. My laughter is funny, and unique. 😂
I do not laugh, I giggle.
When someone laughs, babies smile.
When someone giggles, babies cry.
E be things, bro. 😂💔
Cole Media: Lastly, any word of advice to those who look up to you?
Giggle: Look up to me?
I don’t know if people do.
But, if they actually do.

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I won’t tell you to perspire to aspire your desire.

Just keep becoming better, and be consistent too.
Because “Water cuts through a rock not because of it’s strength but because of it’s persistence.”
Oh! I finally sounded like one. 🤦‍♂️

Cole Media: Thank you for your time Boda Giggle and we look forward to seeing more of you in the Nigerian entertainment industry.🤝
Giggle: Thank you!
I’m very elated.

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