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Pray for me! Pastor Adeboye Says In His Sermon As He Reveals 7 Things That Happens During Lockdowns

Pastor Adeboye in his Special Sunday Service message this morning declared that this lock-down is particularly meant to work for the good of God’s children. The general Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God in declaring what Christians should do or have down during this lock-down says Christians should pray for him as well as other spiritual leaders

He declared that all things work together for good including lock-down saying that there are a lot of great things that will come out of this lock down.

He says Pastors should get ready because early next year,you will be dedicating a lot of babies.

He says lots of people will become great during this lock-down and he gives examples of those who became great as a result of lockdown

1. David:

1 Samuel 22:1-2: Here David was locked in a cave because he was running away from his tormentors. The bible later recorded in 2 Samuel 23:8-9 that the same men that were with David had became mighty men.

He declared that by the time this lockdown is over, you will become mighty

2. Elijah:

1 King 17:17-24 He was lockdown in the house of the widow of Zerphath. He couldn’t go out,and while he was still in a lockdown,he became the first prophet to raise the dead. I’m believing God for you,that by the time

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3. Joseph:

Gen 40:1-22: It was while he was on lockdown in the prison that he moves to becoming the interpreter of dreams as a result of which as he was coming out of that lockdown,he shot straight to become the second most powerful man in Egypt.

When this lockdown is over, you are going to be great indeed but there are things you need to do. So, what do you do during a lockdown if it’s not going to be a waste so that you can grow spiritually.

1. Rejoice: Philippians 4:4

1 Thessalonians 5:16 he also said rejoice

2. Praise God 1 Thessalonians 5:18

3. Pray: 1 Thessalonians 5:17. Pray without ceasing

4. Study the word: 2 Timothy 2:15

5. Meditate Joshua 1:8 Meditate on God’s word.

6. Receive visions for your future. Visions usually come when you are lockdown. John the beloved was on lockdown on the city of Pathmos when he received revelations.

Lockdown affords you time to sit down

7. Plan what next to do:

8. Clean up your house and immediate surroundings. Deut 23:14

9. When you clean up,you will be amazed at how many clothes,shows etc that are there that you don’t have need of. What do you do with them? Give them out. Water in a river is always fresh and that is because it is always flowing out to receive new flow. There are people who when you give such things out to,will be extremely grateful and thank God on your behalf.

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10. Pray for me. Because your Bible tells you to pray for your leaders. 

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Charly Boy Slams Pastor Ibiyeomie Over Comment Against Daddy Freeze




Charly Boy has slammed clergyman, Pastor David Ibiyeomie of Salvation Ministries Port Harcourt, over his recent verbal attack on OAP and leader of the Free the Sheeple movement, Daddy Freeze.

While preaching in his church recently, Ibiyeomie slammed Freeze for allegedly insulting his father, clergyman, Bishop David Oyedepo. In his moment of rage, he called Freeze a Bast*rd and threatened to deal with the OAP if he comes at Oyedepo again. He went as far as using Freeze’s failed marriage to mock him and also disparaging his job as a broadcaster. He also ”cursed” the day Freeze was born.

Freeze has since replied Ibiyeomie, accusing the clergyman of racism, discrimination, and threat to life.

Reacting to his outburst against Freeze, CharlyBoy in his post, called out the clergyman for being staring that Ibiyeomie’s comments were vile even while he was in the house of God. According to the musician and activist, Ibiyiomie’s support for Oyedepo makes him feel the RCCG pastor can do no wrong.

Read Charly Boy’s post below

”Look at these Con Men Of God.

So pastor Ibiyeome is saying that The Chief Racketeer, Pastor, Cardinal, Pope, Bishop Oyedepo can’t make mistakes because he’s all knowing?
Even in the house of worship he is calling our anointed Daddy Freeez a Bastard?

Pastor Ibiyeome,
Who is your father?
Where you not born on the express road bcos dats where most accidents happen.
Is Oyedepo man or God?
I know you have your head far up Oyedepo’s Ass dat u can’t see or hear clearly any more.

If you decide to make Daddy Freeeez a topic I will make you my Assignment.

God punish useless Fake Pastors”

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