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Man Who Earns N15million Wants Girlfriend Who Earns N42million To Quit Her Job

A Nigerian HR expert has taken to Instagram to narrate on how a Nigerian man who earns N15million annually wants his girlfriend who earns N42million to quit her job.

According to the lady, the man works as a banker in Port Harcourt, while the lady works with an oil service company in Lagos, but he wants her to quit and relocate to his city so they could be closer to each other.

She Wrote;

Anita currently works with an Oil servicing firm in Lagos and earns 42million annually, while Jide works with a bank in Port Hatcourt and earns 15million annually.

As they began to discuss marriage, an issue arose.

Jide wants Anita to relocate to Port Harcourt after the wedding and look for a new job.

Anita feels it is wiser for Jide to apply for a transfer with his bank and move to Lagos.

Anita’s Reasons Are;

1. Looking for a new job will be very tough.

2. Her earnings will also be a good support for the family.

Jide’s Reasons Are;

1. A woman is supposed to move in with the man and not the other way round.

2. He is very comfortable with his current branch and would find it difficult to settle down in another state and branch.

What do you think?

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Revealed: How To See Deleted Messages On WhatsApp




Have you ever been worried about the contents of deleted messages by your friends on WhatsApp and you’re unable to ask them what the content is?

Actually, WhatsApp messenger allows sender to delete sent messages within the period of less than or equal to 7mins after being sent. WhatsApp did this in order to allow sender to correct error in messages, but unfortunately communication wise, this act actually make receiver worry about the contents of deleted messages.

So if you are always worried about the contents of messages deleted by your friends on WhatsApp, then this article is for you.

Read below for step-by-step process on how to see deleted messages on WhatsApp :

1. Download Notisave on Playstore

Firstly, you need to download notisave application directly on playstore. The app is free to use, so don’t be afraid of spending.

2. Install notisave app on your phone.

The second process including the installation of your notisave app on your device. You don’t have to tweak your phone to use this app. It’s straight forward thing.

3. Activate and Grant Permission

To activate and Grant permission to notisave, open the app and Mark all apps that is on the list shown to you, except your WhatsApp. Then whenever some send you WhatsApp message and delete it, you can check them on your notisave app.

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